Special Events

Labor Day Weekend Special

How does skating for free sound to you? If you like the idea, how about checking out the details by clicking here .

Saturday Night Specials

Saturday Nights are becoming the talk of the town. Every other Saturday Night Public Skate Session (7:30pm-10:30pm) between September 12th and December 26th has special activities associated with them (prizes or discounts on admission). For more information click here .

Adult Night

It’s back. That’s right, a special night for those 18 and older. Twice a month if you are of the appropriate age we have a time for you! For more information click here .

Ladies Night

Yes, that’s right. The first Monday of October, November, and December, we are taking time to honor the ladies in our lives. To give them the special attention they so richly deserve. For more information click here .

Wacky Wednesday

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September to December we are going $2 wacky. From admission to certain Snack Bar items you will find numerous $2 specials. For more information click here .

Christian Skates

Beginning in November we are dedicating one Tuesday evening to those that enjoy Christian and Gospel Music. For detail information click here .

Hoverboard Nite

We have something new coming up in October. For those of you that have your own Hoverboards, we have a special night planned. For more information click here .

Family Night

Time to recognize the importance of family. On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (September-December), excluding the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas we are honoring the family unit. For more information click here .

Monthly Group Specials (Teachers, First Responders, Factory Workers)

Each month (October-December), we are setting aside a special group recognition discount for people that belong to the group of the month. For more information click here .