So, what do you think is the most important thing you need in order to go Roller Skating? Roller Skates, of course. And what if you don’t own your own Roller Skates? Well we have you covered. We have skates from Child Size 8 to Adult Size 15. And we even have the plactic skates that go over your shoes if you need a size smaller than the Child Size 8. The best part is that your skates are included in your Admission Price. Oh, and what if you are a more advanced skater and like a little quicker skate. For $3.00 extra you can rent what we refer to as Speed Skates. Just remember that the rules are the same no matter what style of skate you have.

New to skating, having balance issues! We have you covered here as well. You can always rent a Skate Mate to help with balance or just getting used to skates. We carry 4 different heights of these wonderful items, so surely one will work for you. These devices will cost you $5.00 to rent, but when you return them to the front-counter where you paid for them, you will receive $2.00 back. So don’t be shy, if you need one, just ask.

But wait, we also have Inline Skates available for those who prefer them over Roller Skates.  We have them available in sizes 1 thru 12.  And, like our Speed Skates, they are available to rent for an extra $3.00 over our normal admission price.  

So, in summary, we provide multiple ways to satisfy your skating desires and match your skill level.  From plastic skates for the really young ones that go over their shoes, to skates in both child and adult sizes, to inline skates.  And beyond that we have the Skate Mates for those just learning, that need adaptive equipment to help them with their balance.

So, come on over, put on some wheels, and join in the fun.

The Fun Shop is available at all times when Sk8away is open. Some people like to visit as they enter, some as they leave, and some any time they are in the building. It is particularly popular to those that have just finished playing the video games and they have won tickets for merchandise in the Fun Shop.

It has everything from small candies, to large blow up ballons (bats, hammers, guitars, boxing gloves, etc.). There are glow sticks, glow necklaces, light-up pacifiers, and so much more.

So stop by anytime during session and see if there is anything that interests you.
While we are a skating rink, we want this to be a fun place to come and spend time with your friends and family. With that in mind, we realize that not all people skate all of the time. For this reason we also provide various arcade games as an added entertainment option.

Our games cost between 25¢ and $1.00. Unless the game is a Claw/Crane Game where you pick up your prize with the hooks, you will win tickets that can be exchanged in the Fun Shop for available merchandise. Each ticket is worth 1¢.
Taking a break? Join us in the Snack Bar! We have everything from cold drinks, to hot dogs, candy, pizza, potato chips, and combo meals. It is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated and nourished. Like most sports you need to take care of your body as well to keep you energy levels up.

So, when you start feeling the need to replenish yourself, or just sit down and visit with your friends and take a break, come on up and join us in the snack bar. We will be happy to serve you!
Sk8away sells a variety of skates. In most cases your new skates will need to be ordered, but will usually arrive in a week to 10 days. Visit us today so we can help you pick out the perfect pair of skates for you. Sk8away offers a payment plan while you use your new skates.
Sk8away hosts Topeka’s only two roller derby teams – The Capital City Crushers & AD ASTRA Junior Roller Derby! The Crushers are Topeka’s Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Team. Check out their website for an upcoming schedule and information on how you can join the team. AD ASTRA Junior Roller Derby features young men and women between the ages of 7 and 17. You may find information about them on their website or on their Facebook Page to find out information about the team and Roller Derby.