A Life On Skates – Part 5 of 5

In Part Four I talked about what happens when life creates challenges that cause you to evaluate and make changes to your lifestyle. How, in my case, I gave up my management position, but eventually found another way to be involved with the skating world by working security, or crowd control, on Friday Nights. I … Read more

A Life On Skates – Part 4 of 5

In Part Three of this series I talked about how I met and married my wife during my skating life.  I also touched on working the Management side of the business. In this part of the series, I am going to talk about changes.  Changes in health, family, and priorities. So, just what do you … Read more

A Life On Skates – Part 3 of 5

In Part Two of the series I talked about expanding my circle of friends that enjoyed skating as I did.  Not only did I have more friends that enjoyed skating, but we also worked together teaching and learning new skating techniques and skills.  I also shared my invitation to work as a floor guard, what … Read more

A Life on Skates – Part 2 of 5

In Part One of this series, we all awakened our memories about the first time we put wheels under our feet.  It didn’t matter if they were Quad Skates, Roller Boards, Inline Skates, or Clip on Skates, for that matter.  After attempting to jog your memories, I began telling you about my early memories, and … Read more

A Life On Skates – Part 1 of 5

Welcome You are about to experience what and how any Roller Sport can have a positive effect on your life.  In this multi-part series I will take you through what it was like for me beginning with the very first day.  I will take you through the awkwardness, the desire to improve my skills, the … Read more

Inaugural Kicking For A Cure Mascot Soccer Game

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, the Inaugural Kicking For A Cure Mascot Soccer Game hit the field with one purpose in mind.  “To bring attention to the need to support research for cures to any of the many varieties of Cancer”.   But especially for those that affect our youth and their ability to experience the … Read more

What Happened to Grade Card Night?

How many of you didn’t even realize there used to be such a night?  If you haven’t heard about this before, then you are a lot younger than I am. Wednesday nights used to be Grade Card Night.  There were sessions from 6-8pm and 8-10pm.  And believe me, they were among our busiest nights of … Read more

Roller Skating for your Health

Roller Skating for Your Health When you go to your local skating rink, or to the local skate park, are you thinking about your health?  I can tell you from personal experience, that Roller Skating can, and does have, many positive impacts on your health. I know that when you go roller skating, your health … Read more