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Group Party Options

Party vs Fund Raiser

Group parties come in several options based on purpose and intent. Some may be sponsored, where the group or the sponsor pays some or all of the admission costs for their guests. Another option might be based on the concept of a fund raiser. In which case, admission is based on an amount that will cover the cost of the party, in addition to, an amount to be used to raise funds for the group, or it’s cause. Yet another option might be simply based on charging enough to cover the cost of the party. In all cases there will be a minimum set amount due to Sk8away regardless of the number of guests that attend.

Sk8away has experienced hosting parties for various types of groups. A few of those groups would be:

  • Schools
  • Church and Youth Groups
  • Scout Organizations
  • Day Cares and Camps
  • Sports Teams
  • Sororities and Fraternities

For more information on our Group offering you may contact us at (785) 272-0303, or complete the information request form that follows.

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