Rink and Safety Rules

Personal Belongings Search

All bags, cases, and any other carry-in containers are subject to search upon entering the rink.

No Fast Skating

If you are skating so fast that you are passing more people than are passing you, then you are skating too fast!

Skate Floor is a No Stopping Zone

If you feel the need to stop skating for any reason, please exit the skate floor through one of the exits along the side aisle. Stopping while on the skating floor is a safety hazard that could lead to injury of yourself or other skaters and should be avoided.

Friday Night Session - Skates to be Worn at all Times

On Friday evenings all paid admissions are required to wear skates until such time as you are ready to leave the building for the evening.

Minors Leaving the Premises

Under normal circumstances no minors are allowed to exit the building unless their parents, or authorized adults are there to take them home, or if it is the end of the skating session and the rink is closing.

Skating Direction

You should always skate in the same direction as the rest of the skaters on the floor. The majority of the time that direction would be in a counter-clockwise direction. The only exception to that is if the floor guard has called for everyone to skate in the reverse direction (which would be clockwise) around the floor.

Skate in an Upright Position

Unless the floor guard is playing the stoop game, all skaters should be skating in a full upright position.

Racing, Chasing, Pushing, Tripping, Playing Tag

None of these behaviors are allowed, unless otherwise specified.