Sk8away Rules

All footwear needs changed over on that side aisle. It is against federal health code regulations to change any footwear up in that raised area of the snack bar.

All food and drink need to remain in that raised area of that snack bar. There should be no food or drink over on that side aisle, and especially no food or drink out there on that skating rink floor. This does include leaning over that short wall to get something to eat or drink. Please do not do that.

That skating rink floor is a no stopping zone. If you need to stop, talk to your friends, get something to eat or drink, please exit that skating rink floor to do so. This includes the short wall by the snack bar. That short wall is a no stopping zone.

There is no racing, chasing, or tag play allowed inside the building.

All fast skating should be kept to a minimum. You can tell you are skating too fast if you are passing more people than people are passing you.

Please remember to skate in the same direction as everyone else. We don’t want any head-on collisions out there.

If your kids are wearing a size 2 or below rental skate, we can change that wheel speed as needed. Track down a Sk8Away employee and let us know if you want those wheels tightened or loosened.

If you have wheels on your feet, DO NOT pick up or carry any child at any time. This is for everyone’s safety.